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the final exam

The final exam is just at the hand . However,I do not make full preparation .It’s my fault,I know.At this time ,I am wondering that if it’s right when I choose to go to college .The life in college is not meaningful which is beyond my imagination .I have know judgement that whether the college deceives me or I deceive it . I only realize that I must study hard to won a scholarship ^


These days I am very busy ,but I don’t know what I am busy with.Now ,I fell a little sad and depressed .Who can tell me what should I do ? I have no idea .Time flies ! however ,I achieve nothing .If it becomes possible that I have the chance to go past ,can I really do better ?

So Unforgettable

I gained a lot within the two days when I was traveling .Firstly, faced with the beautiful scenery ,I hardly knew who I am. I just breathed the fresh air as I pleased . The mountain is so splendid in the rain with fog flying around .After the rain ,we conquered it. Truth to tell ,I felt beautiful as I stood on the mountain,wind blowing heavily and fog in the front of our eyes. Because of a long trip , I slept the moment my head touch the pillow so that a diary was forgot .Above all ,we were extremely happy during the tour . Love the mountain ,love the landscapes. I am on the way …..

A tour to a mountain

We planed to have a tour tomorrow .But the sky is various ,the rain disturbs our plan.Anyway,we have prepared a long time so that it is impossable to be concelled. Through our debate,we will stick to our plan even though we are wet all though our bodies. I hope we could have a good time ….
That is all, it is time to go to bed…..sleepy…

Hello world!I am coming !

For this blog ,  or for the world,I am a new comer.But anyway,I came here to seek happiness and some good friends who have the same interests with me. Ur…..I am from He Nan province of Chinese. I like reading ,traving,programming,surfing on the internet and so on…Of course,I like making friends far and near . If  you want to find a friend who can face the difficuties with you, contaact me…I will not let you down…….Well , that is all . Here,I want to cry to the world: I am coming   !!!